Yellow Bicycle Catering Company

This site was constructed for a Birmingham, AL catering company owned by successful restauranteur George Sarris of The Fish Market & Dodiyòs. The focus of this project was to translate their print menu into a web site that would showcase menu items, engage visitors, and take advantage of SEO and search engine traffic. Features of the site include an image gallery, slideshow, contact form, Google analytics integration, location-based information, social sharing, and email signup widget. Work performed in conjunction with Reliable Ad Group.

Yellow Bicycle Catering


CrashFlasher White Paper

The St. Christopher Project, an organization dedicated to saving lives by improving the safety of drivers everywhere, approached me to write a white paper on the dangers of distracted driving and roadside crashes. Their new and innovative product, the CrashFlasher, is designed to help alert traffic of a roadside vehicle. Of interest to them for this effort were 1)  the prevalence of distracted driving due to inattention other than the obvious and well-researched effect of the use of technology and 2) roadside crashes into disabled or stationary vehicles.

Considerable research using government and non-government publications was involved in this project. The white paper,Crashes Into Disabled or Stopped Vehicles: An Under-Estimated Danger in Today’s Distracted World, is currently in use on their web site as a marketing tool for fleet sales of the product.