VA BioCases

Grant-funded project to develop interactive teaching tools for health professionals involved use of javascript, PHP & MySQL.
“We would be nowhere on the BT project without your expertise and “bridge building” success with IRM and many other people in the VA.
Dr. William O’Byrne, Co-Principal Investigator


SBIR Grants

As a research scientist at a small biotech start-up, I was Principal Investigator on and helped write severalĀ  successful Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants to NASA and NIH. Total funding for these grants alone was over 2.3 million dollars.


  • Defined Biomatrix Model for Human Vascular Studies
  • High Resolution Robotic Telemammography System
  • Automated PC-Based Spot Detection for 2D Gel Analysis


  • A Dynamically Controlled Vapor Diffusion Protein Crystal Growth.
  • A Dynamically Controlled Temperature-Induced Protein Crystal Growth System.
  • High-throughput micro-crystallization system.
  • Raman Spectroscopy as a Non-Invasive Indicator of Protein Crystal Quality.


Scientific Papers

During my academic career and while at a biotech start-up, several articles were published in peer-reviewed journals. The titles of these papers are: