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For Personal Best, I helped create a series of videos to promote Health Fairs, and the use of Personal Best products, to corporate wellness decision makers. My efforts secured expert talent to appear in the videos which were shot during an actual health fair. I was at the shoot with a team of videographers to produce the main and B roll footage.

Afterwards, I directed the editing process of the first video in the series and chose additional stock footage from iStockPhoto. (The remaining two videos in the series were produced  using footage from this shoot by the marketing department. I had nothing to do with the creation of those videos.)

Personal Best videos were published to YouTube. The brand channel contains 5 videos, including a flash-based video and a converted PowerPoint. I edited the flash-based video to update content before posting it when the channel was created. More recently, I used Camtasia to convert the PowerPoint presentation “Power in People” into a screencast and added a music soundtrack. This video was used by the sales team to promote Personal Best.


Practical Reviews Promo video

For, I specified in the design that a homepage video should be created. The concept was to interview via phone satisfied subscribers for audio testimonials. That audio was then overlayed on video stock footage to create the final promotional video. I produced and directed the creation of this video—from the audio interview, choosing stock footage, selection of royalty-free music, and direction of the video editor. I also configured the open source video player (flowplayer).

*Video:practical reviews promo video - used courtesy of

We also published audio-only testimonials to the homepage. I interviewed the subscriber, made minor edits to the compiled audio, and configured the flash player to deliver the audio.

This site was designed to meet the needs of the marketing department and functional requirements of  Oakstone Publishing’s Practical Reviews CME products.

The marketing department desired more new media features, engagement, and ad placements than the previous platform. The new site was built on a proprietary .Net content management system.

Design and front-end development included audio, video, screencasted tutorials, aggregated RSS feeds, and CSS elements. Project began with wireframing and color palette choices and continued until site went live.

Praise from an Oakstone Publishing partner:
“The new site looks beautiful. The multimedia experience really adds to the branding of Practical Reviews an online, streaming, multimedia, 21st Century CME provider. Great job to the website team.” —Justin E. Anderson, Manager, Apollo Audiobooks, LLC.

Practical Reviews Homepage wireframe

Practical Reviews online tutorials
Practical Reviews online tutorials