I have enjoyed doing some freelance editing and writing for over the past few months.

Sharecare is an interactive, social Q&A platform designed to simplify the search for quality healthcare information and help consumers live their healthiest life. Sharecare is empowering users with high-quality, relevant answers to their health questions from multiple expert perspectives and with interactive health and wellness tools to take action on what they’ve learned.

Below are examples of quizzes I compiled for them from their expert resources.

This site was designed to meet the needs of the marketing department and functional requirements of  Oakstone Publishing’s Practical Reviews CME products.

The marketing department desired more new media features, engagement, and ad placements than the previous platform. The new site was built on a proprietary .Net content management system.

Design and front-end development included audio, video, screencasted tutorials, aggregated RSS feeds, and CSS elements. Project began with wireframing and color palette choices and continued until site went live.

Praise from an Oakstone Publishing partner:
“The new site looks beautiful. The multimedia experience really adds to the branding of Practical Reviews an online, streaming, multimedia, 21st Century CME provider. Great job to the website team.” —Justin E. Anderson, Manager, Apollo Audiobooks, LLC.

Practical Reviews Homepage wireframe

Practical Reviews online tutorials
Practical Reviews online tutorials

Subscriber E-mail – Redesign

This project for an employer involved taking an inline HTML email product that had been manually created prior to each send to a templated, auto-populated, email product.

I began with a new header, including in page navigation, and a sidebar ad space. Content was populated from a database automatically for the particular medical specialty/issue. (Key review abstracts followed the main body of the email shown here. )

WordPress-based blog for B2B lead generation, email & social media marketing. Some elements of the site, and the companion catalog site ( were served by OpenX ad serving software. Managed freelancers, maintained web site/plugins, and occasionally wrote  a post.
Google Analytics, OpenX,  Social Media via Twitter and Facebook

Selected posts I wrote and/or edited: