Yellow Bicycle Catering Company

This site was constructed for a Birmingham, AL catering company owned by successful restauranteur George Sarris of The Fish Market & Dodiyòs. The focus of this project was to translate their print menu into a web site that would showcase menu items, engage visitors, and take advantage of SEO and search engine traffic. Features of the site include an image gallery, slideshow, contact form, Google analytics integration, location-based information, social sharing, and email signup widget. Work performed in conjunction with Reliable Ad Group.

Yellow Bicycle Catering

Project included a customized blog, ad units, Flash-based slide show, recipe database, and video editing for the web. It began as a flat HTML site in 2008 and progressed to a full featured blog. Client was reluctant to do a full-scale redesign so we made it work for years with the existing branding and theme. Kim switched to a new design firm in late 2012.

“It looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work.” Kim Sunèe

Project included tableless CSS, javascript (portfolio pop-ups, rounded corners), and Flash-based slideshow.

“With just a handful of images to start with I didn’t think I could have a very interesting website. But with clever graphics and image arrangement Gayle pulled off something very special. She is patient, easy to work with, and ready with lots of helpful advice.” Kathleen Kanen